NOTICE: This for is NOT a signup for individual events. If you are interested in volunteering or additional information about specific events, please visit our Volunteer Events Calendar.

Volunteer Application & Service Agreement

  • Volunteers under 18 need to fill out our paper form to include signatures of parent or guardian approval.
  • Please specify any physical limitations that may influence your volunteer work.
  • Which aspect(s) of the project are you interested in volunteering for?
  • If you have skills that you think would be particularly relevant to an aspect of the project, please list them here!
  • Agreement by Volunteer

    I offer and agree to volunteer my services without compensation in wages to assist the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) in accordance with the following understandings:

    • Although this volunteer service with not confer on me the status of a State employee while acting within the scope of this Agreement, I will be deemed to be as if I were a State employee for purposes of the following:
      • State Tort Claims Act, which protects a State employee from liability for injury or damage to others while the employee is acting within the scope of his or her duties, and:
      • State Workers' Compensation Act, which authorizes compensation for work-related injury.
    • I am at least 18 years old (or if I am less than 18, my parent or guardian consents to this Agreement by signature.)
    • I understand that Volunteer projects will frequently be out of doors and that I will need to be in a physical condition adequate for normal outdoor physical activities. I will notify the Volunteer Coordinator of any significant change in my ability to do outdoor work. If special skills are required for a project, I will be trained therein before being assigned to that project.
    • If I or my minor daughter/son drive my personal vehicle to and from a volunteer project, I certify that the vehicle is properly insured as required by Idaho state law.