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Title: Multi-species Baseline Initiative   (link:


Purpose: The Multi-Species Baseline Initiative (MBI) is a collaborative of organizations conducting standardized surveys for wildlife species and micro-climate across the Idaho Panhandle and adjoining mountain ranges.  The MBI is collecting data on amphibians, beetles, terrestrial gastropods (slugs and snails) and micro-climate across the region.  This data set will allow us to compare the composition of these groups on the Clark Fork River delta to other areas in the region at different stages of delta recovery.

Sampling Methods: Sampling methods include dip-netting for amphibians, pitfall trapping for beetles, trapping gastropods with cardboard traps, and searching for gastropods under rocks and logs.  Complete sampling protocols can be downloaded at

Timing: Sampling will begin in May 2014, and occur in the spring and early summer of each year of recovery.




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